Totally Dedicated To Bran Stark

Cuz' Bran Stark is my favorite character of all time.
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The Winged Wolf


The Winged Wolf


Isaac Hempstead-Wright eating a bug. #EatLikeBoxtrolls


(Favorite Male Actor)

☼ Isaac Hempstead-Wright

Isaac is just awesome! He is only 15 but he is already a great actor! I love how he portrays Bran Stark and how he portrayed Tom Hill in The Awakening. He is not only a fantastic young talent but also a brilliant young man. He is always very articulate in the interviews and also have the smartest answers that i have ever heard from someone with his age!

And let1s nor talk about how gorgeous Isaac will be when he is +18, right? (He already is but…i know what i mean…)

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(Favorite Child Actor)

|_ Isaac Hempstead-Wright

» Tom Hill, from The Awakening

» Bran Stark, from Game Of Thrones

» Eggs, from The Boxtrolls

» Future Octavius in Caesar

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